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End of Summer & Back from Vacation

September 12, 2009

Here in Mechanicsburg, summer has come to an end. Our parish schedule returns to its customary Sunday routine: 9:00 Sunday School & Bible Class; 10:30am Divine Service.

Our midweek routine remains mostly the same, with the addition of Wednesday morning time with the parish preschool children at 10:30am.

Thanks go to Dr. Thomas Kraus for filling Calvary’s pulpit and presiding at the altar on September 6. [That is why no sermon is posted for that Sunday.]

It was good to be back in the Midwest for over a week. Got to visit my grandparents in Traverse City, MI and celebrate another birthday. Visited with Revs. Timothy Manwell and David Juhl in the Chicago area, deliver them some Yuengling Lager, and as sample both types of Chicago-style pizza (Lou Malnati’s pan; Aurelio’s thin crust). Also spoke with faculty members at Concordia Theological Seminary about completing the requirements for the Master of Sacred Theology degree.

The next few months will bring some extra events beyond the upcoming Thanksgiving/Advent/Christmas time: District Regional Pastoral Conference (October 5-7 in Ocean City, NJ) and Synod Covnention Delegate Meeting (December 11-12 in Dearborn, MI). The calendar pages will turn quickly!


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